Gregory James Gross has had a wide experience in the educational and professional areas of his career. He has been a working professional for over 25 years as a Composer, Arranger, Teacher, Songwriter, Musical Director, Pianist, Multi-Keyboardist, Session player and Producer.

Greg began teaching private piano students while working as a musician / songwriter in Chicago, Illinois. After graduating with a bachelors degree in Music Composition from the Chicago Conservatory of Music, and studing jazz at the American Conservatory of Music, he began working with the Baldwin Music Company teaching Piano, Jazz, Organ, and Music Theory.

Greg moved to Los Angeles, California, where he began his career as a composer for Feature Films, Television, Theater, and Commercials. He soon learned that besides the traditional skills of being a composer, creative knowledge of the computer, sequencing software, and multi-keyboard setups was essential for the modern day film composer. Greg became an accomplished Sequencer / Programmer applying these techniques to everything from music scoring to the syncing of music to picture.

With both a formal music education background and it's practical use as a professional, Greg began teaching on the West Coast. He became an Associate Teacher with John Novello, acclaimed teacher and author of "The Contemporary Keyboardist". The "Contemporary Keyboardist" course has recieved accolades from both musicians and composers; people like Chick Corea to Henry Mancini. It has also recieved great reviews as a teaching method in different articles from Downbeat and Keyboard Magazines, to name a few.

For over 15 years, Greg's insight and knowledge as an educator, helped both beginners and working professionals on the road to success, in Los Angeles.

Greg now teaches at the Leo-Borchard-Music school in Berlin, Germany

Some of the areas that Greg has taught include:

Ear Training, Technique, Improvisation, Repertoire, Musical Styles, Studio Playing, Harmony, Theory, Arranging, Composition, Film Composing, Dramatic Scoring Techniques, Songwriting, Computer Sequencing, MIDI and Multi-Keyboard Setups.