• Buford's Beach Bunnies (Axis Films International)
    Original Score/Title Song

    Producers: Andrew Garroni
    Director: Mark Pirro
    Cast: Jim Hanks, Monique Parent, Rikki Brando

  • Deathrow Gameshow (Crown International Pictures)
    Original Score/Title Song

    Producers: Mark Simon, Brian J. Smith
    Director: Mark Pirro
    Cast: John McCafferty, Darwyn Carson, Debra Lamb

  • Lady Avenger (South Gate Entertainment)
    Co-composer with Jay Levy

    Producers: John Schouweiler
    Director: David DeCoteau
    Cast: Peggy Sanders, Michelle Bauer


  • An Early Grave (Deal Productions, LLC)
    Original Score for TV Pilot

  • A Polish Vampire In Burbank (Pirromount Productions)
    Original Score

    Producers: Mark Pirro
    Director: Mark Pirro
    Cast: Eddie Deezen, Lori Sutton, Conrad Brooks

  • Curse Of The Queerwolf (Pirromount Productions)
    Original Score

    Producers: Sergio Bandera, Brian J. Smith
    Director: Mark Pirro
    Cast: Michael Palazzolo, Forrest J. Ackerman, Conrad Brooks

  • Triple Crown Of Surfing (ESPN Sports Network)
    Dramatic Scoring

    Director: Wayne Rabbit Bartholomew


  • D.A.R.E. (AnimAction America, Inc.)
    Original Score

    Producers: Clifford Cohen
    Director: Mike Pulchino
    Cast: Animated Film

  • The Twin (UCLA Film School)
    Original Score

    Director: Greg Dean


  • Nudist Colony of the Dead (The Complex Theatre/ Los Angeles)
    Original Score/ Musical Director
    Co-Wrote All of the Songs for the Musical


  • Bufords Beach Bunnies (Axis Films International)
    Co-Wrote "One Tender Moment"

  • Triple Crown of Surfing (ESPN)
    Co-Wrote "Radical Ride", "Pleasure Zone"& "Mind Over Matter"


  • Bachelor of Music Composition - Chicago Conservatory of Music
  • Post-Graduate Studies - American Conservatory of Music - Chicago,IL
  • DePaul University - Chicago,IL


  • Scholarship for Composition "IV Variations On A 12-Tone Theme"

COMMERCIAL CREDITS (Session work on all recordings)

  • Taco Bell (NFL Sports - National TV Spot)
    Perlman, Wohl, and Assoc.

  • Taco Bell (Burger Busters - National TV Spot)
    Perlman, Wohl, and Assoc.

  • Clothes Time (Regional TV Spots)
    Perlman, Wohl, and Assoc.

  • Pizza Delight (Canadian National TV Spot)
    Meedham Gate Productions

  • Pizza Patio (Canadian National TV Spot)
    Meedham Gate Productions

  • Mayor McNolte Time (TV Spot for Scranton, PA)
    Democratic National Party

  • Take Me To Scranton (Promotional TV Spot)
    City of Scranton, PA

  • Exer-Stik (Farrah Fawcett Infomercial)
    Turbo Tech

  • Keyes Toyota (Radio Spots-English and Spanish)
    Nathansan Advertising

  • Bell Road Toyota (Radio - Super Bowl & Pres. Day)
    Nathansan Advertising