Do you choose to feel in love,
Or do you choose a love that grows?
Do you choose to feel the pain,
The laughter, and the tears,
A core that runs too deep
Or do you choose the calm,
A road you know so well
Where you're gonna stop
And where your gonna fall
Knowing someone cares.

They say in love so strong
Can tear you up inside
And break you down so hard
Though it makes you feel alive
But a love that grows can breath
With every ebb and flow
The waters can run deep
Much deeper than you know

Can I be sure
Is this really love
Ifeel so much
When do I know that it's enough

Do we hold on to a dream
Of what we think loves all about
When you feel the highs and lows
And wonder where it goes
When it all just falls apart
Did you think that it was love
Or some illusion that you shared
Two people walk away
There's nothing more to say
But love can't be that way

They say when love is real
It stands the test of time
It lives inside your sould
Makes you feel like you are whole
It's when you know you can't let go

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